July 24, 2015 · Front-end Gulp Gulp 4

Gulp 4 is nearly there, you can start using it!

You can check the milestones of the project on Github. I think what's left is just the advance features. If you dont need the advance stuff and want to use the new features, well, you can switch now!

First, you need to uninstall your gulp-cli.

$ npm uninstall gulp -g

If you already have in your local project, remove that too.

$ cd project-directory/
$ npm uninstall gulp --save-dev

Now, install gulp-cli from the branch directory.

$ npm install "gulpjs/gulp-cli#4.0" -g

..and install in your local project.

$ npm install "gulpjs/gulp#4.0" --save-dev

Done! Your new setup is ready. You can use run something like this in gulp 4:

    gulp.parallel('build:less', 'build:js', 'build:icons'),

This means when we run gulp build in terminal, it will run clean task first, then it will run build:less, build:js and build:icons in parallel. After the parallel task complete, then finally it will run the revall task.

Pretty cool, right?

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