How to setup dev environment for Laravel 5 + HHVM 3.8.0 + XHP 2.2 with Ubuntu 14.04 + Vagrant + Virtualbox · July 14, 2015 · Backend Laravel XHP HHVM Ubuntu Vagrant VirtualBox

If you like how ReactJS, and you're happen to be working in PHP environment, you will definitely love Facebook XHP! XHP brings some advantages as an UI library, and with HHVM in the back of it, it brings your PHP setup to the next level. Facebook just announce XHP-JS few »

Hello Ghost! · January 18, 2015 · Backend

Finally this site is alive! It feels good to have it. Time spent in working on it for last couple days is time well spent. Let me introduce you to this site. Platform Im on Ghost, an open source blogging platform that run on Node.js. Why not WordPress? Well, »