Gulp 4 is nearly there, you can start using it! · July 24, 2015 · Front-end Gulp Gulp 4

You can check the milestones of the project on Github. I think what's left is just the advance features. If you dont need the advance stuff and want to use the new features, well, you can switch now! First, you need to uninstall your gulp-cli. $ npm uninstall gulp -g If »

Building with Gulp (1) - Compile LESS, watch changes and minify CSS · March 23, 2015 · Front-end Gulp LESS

This is my first try using Gulp, and its been fun. What is Gulp? Gulp is a build system, something that you really need in development process. It helps you do a lots of things that make your development process easier and much more effective. Gulp is similar to Grunt »

React Demo: CSS Color Names v.02 · February 27, 2015 · Front-end JavaScript React Facebook React

I'm not happy with my first app with react that are in the previous post, so here i am, posted another update for the apps. On this updated apps, the key differences are: The script are now separated into multiple files: app.jsx, the main react file. app-header.jsx, the »

Trying Facebook React: CSS Color Names App · February 24, 2015 · Front-end JavaScript React Facebook React

Finally, I've been able to give myself some time to try React. It's been fun to playing with. I'm looking forward to use it in actual products. What is Facebook React? Heres from the Facebook React Docs: React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. »

Careful with browser autocomplete, someone might steal your details · February 6, 2015 · Front-end Code Hack

I've stumbled across a youtube video by WhiteHat Security. He shows a very easy way to stole visitor details when they use autocomplete. For me, it's pretty scary on how easy it is. Although its very rare for me using autocomplete, but I've used it in one or two occation. »

Code: Leaflet with OSM, Google Map and Bing Map · February 1, 2015 · Front-end Code JavaScript

If you always use google for your map, you should try Leaflet. Leaflet is an awesome JavaScript map library with a small size, only 33 KB gzipped. It's very easy to use, has a rich features, got good documentation and have a lot of plugins. OpenStreetMap (OSM) OpenStreetMap is a »