Gulp 4 is nearly there, you can start using it! · July 24, 2015 · Front-end Gulp Gulp 4

You can check the milestones of the project on Github. I think what's left is just the advance features. If you dont need the advance stuff and want to use the new features, well, you can switch now! First, you need to uninstall your gulp-cli. $ npm uninstall gulp -g If »

Building with Gulp (1) - Compile LESS, watch changes and minify CSS · March 23, 2015 · Front-end Gulp LESS

This is my first try using Gulp, and its been fun. What is Gulp? Gulp is a build system, something that you really need in development process. It helps you do a lots of things that make your development process easier and much more effective. Gulp is similar to Grunt »