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My name is Hazmi Abdun Nazir. I create mobile apps and websites, as a hobby and for a living.


If you need anything, I'm on LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter and Codepen.

About this site

This site is built using Next.js, a React framework. The framework has few option, including the SSR (Server Side Rendering) and static option that makes the site plays well with search engine. I like it.

Yes, I know that Google can crawl and index JavaScript website, but still they recommend the server side or pre-rendering for various reasons.

Lighthouse Audit
Google Lighthouse audit result in Chrome.

The other feature this site has is the full offline support. A service worker via Google's workbox combined with Web Manifest makes a good PWA (Progressive Web App) website.

This means, you can do "Add to Home Screen" in iOS or Android, then can still browse the site in airplane mode.

Do enjoy the site, may you find something useful here.